Creative ways to stylize paithani sarees in 2019

Creative ways to stylize paithani sarees in 2019


Out came a silky smooth saree with bright red and golden shades rummaged from my old room. The gold sparkled heavily to lit up my eyes. I held it as close to my heart as it can be, remembering my grandmother’s care behind this treasure. There were many precious moments behind this piece of gold which bought tears to my eyes feeling her warmth in the softness of the –silk.

I paused to the thought as of why this beauty was laying in an old cupboard which was once akin to jewellery, traveling from one generation to the other. No Maharashtrian trousseau was ever complete without these heirlooms. That was the moment I decided to wrap up my grandmother’s memory into something brand new for my wedding.

I did everything I can, rushing from the heavy crowd in our peths to asking each and every shop for best designer tailors. Finally I found one on Laxmi road who can give me the best ever tradi-modernish look (my dictionary form) to a sophisticated Indian bride-to-be like me!

There were a lot more options that I got to know how a paithani saree can be modified.

A ghagra choli of plain colored blouse paired with the fully sparkling ghaghra looked pretty amazing. The duppatta could be sewed as a by-product of the jari border all over the paithani saree. Even a whole new FLASHY party gown could have been possible by combining the eye-popping dhoop-chaav shades of the paithani.

And to my surprise, I was presented with a superb half-saree re-using the bright orange which was not over the top, but it evaporated the gaudy element out. Even the sober violet diya motifs went best over the blouse and dupatta with hues of blues all over it to create a beautiful contrast piece.

A glimmer of the glorious past soon became the main attraction of the evening, chief attention-seeker than the bride herself! But in true sense, it gave me a royal, ethnic and a glamorous look, all at once. Now the saree will stay in my family for generations and generations to be…


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