About Us

Designer Paithani, as you can guess, offers a collection of gorgeous Designer Paithani sarees along with other varieties of saris across India. Well, we know that India has a rich culture of saris, more of it being hand-woven. So here we present you the ultimate platform- Designer Paithani where you get all in one stop, right from amazing insights/articles of sari its weaving process to a beautifully arranged page of paithani saree with high quality images and its pricing.

Our very own tradition of sarees has travelled a long way with the hand weaving art being more than 2000 years old. The quality of Paithani’s fabric remains unmatched even today & hence is renowned as “the great fabric” in India.

So the owner- Mr. Saurabh Khanapure thought of bringing you the enchanting legacy from Maharashtra, straight from the town of Yeola right to your doorstep. Yeola is a taluka of Nashik city where most of the manufacturing happens.

Well, who doesn’t like to go for shopping of sarees? Shiny silk sarees full of amazing minuscular designs and bright colours are most sought after sarees for any grand functions in India. So imagine browsing to get your choice of saree in one click ?

Expertise of labour

Mr. Saurabh Khanapure never leaves away a sari without inspecting it. He has a keen eye since starting his own business of manufacturing Paithani sarees around 10 years back. Mr. Saurabh Khanapure has decided to fulfil the desired customer expectations by manufacturing the ultimate standards of quality.

 Have a good day!

Our Process

"Weaving is an art "

"A close-up of weaving process…"

"After the dyeing process is completed, the yarn is normally received by the weavers in the form of bundles."

"Winding is done on small instrument which in local language is called Asaari and is prepared from bamboo splits just like a conical reel."

"A rare click of a passionate weaver preparing Charkha machine for winding of weft"

"This beautiful silk thread is wound on bobbins with help of charka."

"In Kadiyal pattern, the warp and the weft of the border are of the same colour while the body has different colours for warp and weft."

"In this, machine motor is used in place of wooden rods"

"Fly shuttle loom consisting of a traditional wooden frame."

"This is the warp thread, much strong and highly twisted"

"After washing, silk is kept in shade for drying"

"The glorious silk threads"

"The yarn is normally received by the weavers in the form of bundles"